Djevara /je-vær-æ/ noun - "The concept/myth of a time and/or place at which exists the end of intolerance, and the beginning of justice. Possibly metaphorical, the word has its origin in a ancient language from rural Asia"

Often described as furious, energetic, schizophrenic and passionate -Djevara play a unique and experimental blend of post-hardcore/punk rock and progressive, alternative metal that sees them as a determined force in the UK, European and international underground scenes. Fiercely independent and rooted in DIY, musically they chart ever more progressive territory; dense antagonistic melodies vying with pure, unfettered anger for attention to wrap around a viscerally personal urban poetry.

This is raw emotional music, but not for the faint of heart. The band are also active in a number of projects ranging from The Low Fidelity Disconnect arts project in North London to organising several DIY events and shows.

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Members : Bass, Geoff, Malc

Djevara band photo 2010

L-R: Bass, Geoff, Malc (photo: Laura Ward)

Album releases : The Rising Tide (Part 2): Hear No Evil (2011), The Rising Tide (Part 1): Corsa Al Ribasso (2010), Third World War : Cast The First Stone (2007), God Is White (2004)
Record Label : Genin Records / Djevara Music
Website: / Label website:

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Bookings (Intl & UK) : / / (South-Eastern Europe) / Our Kung Fu (Germany/Austria/Italy/etc)
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Djevara Logo
Djevara would like to thank the following for the fantastic photos as used on this site and other Djevara online resources: Laura Ward, Dina Karklina, Laura Kidd, Cat Munro, Georgina Cook, Cut Out & Keep, Nicolas Calluaud, Shazia Niamh, lichtzelt fotografie


Djevara (band)

Nicolas Calluaud

Djevara are a hardcore rock band based in London, UK. Founded in Coventry in 2000 by university students disillusioned with the plethora of identical apathetic white-middle-class-indie-bands dominating British music, the band was created from scratch as a reaction. Initially named SUCKas a deprecating allusion to its members' lack of musical experience. The sheer energy, enthusiasm and uniqueness of this multi-cultural rock band saw them quickly gain notoriety (and die-hard fans) across the UK.

The band relocated to London in 2003, immediately establishing itself as an important part of the underground scene and organising events SCUMFEST festival (in association with Kerrang! magazine) and the politically motivated FREEDOM FESTIVAL (in associaton with civil liberties organisation Liberty). Inspired by such icons as Fugazi and Henry Rollins, a strong DIY ethic has seen the band tour all across the UK, Europe and internationally as well as independently release two critically acclaimed records through the label they started - GENIN RECORDS / DJEVARA MUSIC.

Djevara (band)

Dina Karklina

Djevara try to straddle the seemingly incompatible worlds of Hardcore Punk Sincerity, Artistic Idealism and just plain Staying Alive. In addition to the record label, this kind of thinking led naturally to the founding of ‘The Low Fidelity Disconnect’ project in North London, a warehouse centre for developing music and art. The band are extremely passionate about the ideals of independent music, as well as being known for being overtly politically outspoken in a country in which this is usually seen as ‘unfashionable’.*

Djevara continue to produce challenging, in-your-face, honest music and are uninterested in the narrow confines of genres, fashions or scenes. The band are for more into consistently heavy alternative rock music while supporting independent idealism and progressive movements in the worlds of art and music.



Laura Ward

Bass was born in Glasgow, Scotland but is a native Londoner with African roots spanning the breadth of the continent. Originally a nationally published teen poet and writer, Bass decided to pick up a guitar at university and start a band so that people would think he was less crazy when he screamed his deepest thoughts out in public...

Bass is the main protagonist and, strongly inspired by such DIY heroes as Ian McKaye, Henry Rollins, Steve Albini and others, takes a hands-on approach in managing band and label matters as well as penning schizophrenic and often cryptic tunes.



Dina Karklina

Geoff hails from South East England and played his first show with Djevara while in the middle of his final university examinations (he passed).

Previously Djevara’s second guitarist, Geoff transferred primarily to bass guitar when Djevara became a three-piece. Playing carefully written lines which combine both parts through a dual guitar/bass set up, Geoff gives a new and original edge to both old and new material.

Geoff heads The Low Fidelity Disconnect, the arts and music warehouse project in North London which has acted as a hub for Djevara and other underground artists both local and from



Lichtzelt Fotografie

Malc orginally comes from beautiful kent, and lived for many years in South London developing a recording studio which became famous in South London for its legendary annual festival-in-a-house “MalcFest” as well as turning out the records of countless bands.

The newest member of the band, Malc’s background in music production as well as experience in numerous other bands of various genres has seen the band make massive leaps in its sound and songwriting.

Malc runs Orange & Blue Music, a recording studio and music community.

Djevara (Redux)

Djevara (Redux)

Dina Karklina

Djevara (Redux) is another incarnation of Djevara, utilizing acoustic or semi-acoustic instrumentation to give a different interpretation of the music. In place of noise and raw energy there is a more subdued, poetic and personal ambience. People are often shocked by how powerfully the songs translate to the Djevara (Redux) format, and Bass, being a spoken word artist in his own right, is particularly pleased to have occasion when the audience can actually hear his lyrics clearly.

Djevara (Redux) may appear live solo or with band


Djevara are involved in a number of projects. Some of them are described below.

  • Genin Records / Djevara Music


    Djevara originally set up "Djevara Music" in order to independently release their debut album way back in 2004. With the set-up and know-how they decided to help out other similarly independent-minded artists from their scene and developed it into Genin Records. The ethos is DIY, the motive is documentation and recognition, with an eclectic catalogue of releases spanning all the various branches of rock, with all the artists sharing a progressive or experimental nature.

    Genin Records / Djevara Music
  • The Low Fidelity Disconnect


    Dina Karklina

    The Low Fidelity Disconnect (affectionately known as 'LFD' by its friends) is an arts/music hub set up in a warehouse in Seven Sisters. It hosts all sorts of creative events, including photography, 'Art Jams', musical tuition, recording, live showcases, filming and film exhibitions. The objective is to nurture and support an independent, DIY, creative culture in a friendly environment. The space is also available for hire. Check out the site for more information.

    The Low Fidelity Disconnect
  • Live Events

    This is footage from FREEDOM FESTIVAL 2, an event we organised in 2009. (Visit the Facebook group to see part 2)

    Djevara, along with Genin, put on a number of live events including all-dayers and festivals. Sometimes they are benefits of some kind or in support of one of their campaigns (see CAMPAIGNS). Aside from showcases at the LFD, shows may be held at any number of London venues.


Djevara actively campaigns on a number of issues including/especially human rights, personal liberty and against poverty and oppression in all its forms, wherever it may be. This is an integral part of what the band is about. One campaign that is regularly supported by Djevara is that against the international use of child soldiers, and Djevara has supported Action Aid in its "BOLLOCKS TO POVERTY" tours in the past. The band also regularly donate a percentage of money made from sales to their chosen causes. In the past the band have supported numerous projects and charities, including:

  • Amnesty International

    Probably the world's most well-known non-partisan campaigning organisation for human rights

  • Oxfam

    Oxfam seeks to reduce, alleviate and eliminate poverty in the developing world

  • Liberty

    In defence of civil liberties in the UK

  • Tose Respite Care Home (Zimbabwe)

    A home for the mentally handicapped originally set up by Bass's own mother in Harare, Zimbabwe

NOTE: Our support of these organisations does not mean we endorse everything they do or say or that we are in any way directly linked to them, but Djevara stands behind the principles on which they are founded and wishes to stand in solidarity and support of these principles.


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